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5 Clever Kids Books That Adults Enjoy Too



Not sure what to buy for that niece, nephew or friend’s kid? Look no further than your neighbourhood book store. In our digital age, story time continues to thrive. Kids books make great gifts for little ones, many with humour parents appreciate as well.

What’s even better? Many titles are equally entertaining for kids and parents alike. Stick to the list below and you’re sure to give a hit.

Best kids’ books

1. Tiddler the Story-Telling Fish, by Julia Donaldson

From the author of the Gruffalo, Stick Man and other beloved reads, this is a great rhyming story that is fun to read and to listen to. With a large cast of sea creatures and bright and detailed pictures, this is a great story for kids that are into undersea life.

Buy this for: the kid that just got back from the aquarium or the beach; the kid that loves swimming or Finding Nemo. Age: 3 to 7

2. Cat Nap, by Toni Yuly

This is a short and snappy book that my child memorized after a few reads. But it truly captures the nature of a playful kitten and a lazy house cat. Any cat lover – from toddler to grandparent – will appreciate this sweet and silly story.

Buy this for: Young children and cat-loving families. Age: 1+

3. I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen

This is a simple and hilarious story for people with a silly sense of humour. If your friends like old British comedy such as Monty Python or simple but clever humour like the Simpsons, definitely pick up this book. Kids and adults can laugh together over this fun and hilarious book.

Buy this for: Silly comedy fans and their kids. Ages: 2-6

4. Another, by Christian Robinson

This is a wordless story with dream-like creative illustration. A little girl sits in bed with her cat. A light appears on the wall, and another cat from a dream, parallel universe pops out. The girl and her cat follow the other cat through the light hole and discover lots of kids, toys and gravity defying fun.

Buy this for: Creative kids of all ages, who like to make up their own stories. Ages: 2+

5. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

Fans of HBO’s John Oliver will be familiar with this book, written to troll an American politician and spread a positive LGBTQ message.

Buy this for: Parents that enjoy Last Week Tonight, followers of American Politics, liberal or LGBTQ parents and kids.

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